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The web has radically invaded our daily lives. The way we create, publish and share has changed since the advent of this computer technology.

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Any entrepreneur who wants to increase the visibility of his activity must create a website, like boutiquedemontres.fr. Creating a website allows you to promote your products and services. Through a contact form and the option to make appointments online, this tool attracts new customers.

The visual identity of a company

Digital strategy for the website

Online business creation

The web agency in graphic design

The value of your online visibility

Turnkey websites

Visual identity

Graphic elements make up the visual identity of a site, as in the case of fantaisiebijoux.fr. They allow a brand or a company to be quickly recognised.

The attractive power of your brand image

A company communicates its image to its customers via the brand image. This image is based on the specific characteristics of the product or brand. Advertising actions shape the brand image.

The graphic charter

The graphic charter

The graphic charter brings together the elements that define the visual identity of a company.

Logo design

Logo design

The creation of a logo helps motivate the public to explore your company.

Print media

Print media

To target potential customers, you need to communicate through print media.

Communication agency

Entrust us with your communication strategies

To make itself known and to gain customers, your company needs to extend its communication towards the outside world. This decision allows it to generate new sales. Customers are more and more connected, so it is essential to call on a communication agency.

Optimisation or redesign of your websites

In the past, a website was just a showcase, but this is no longer the case. The core of your digital ecosystem, it is an effective prospecting tool. Thus, a website redesign is a necessity.

Visual redesign with Webdesign

Respecting your graphic charter

Change of visual identity

A more modern web design


Develop your e-commerce

There are 2 main types of e-commerce: b2b or business to business and b2c or business to consumer.

Community management

The art of promoting a product or service via social networks.

Advertising campaigns

Marketing operation that ensures the success of the brand or service.

Website analysis & audit

The website is considered a priority sales channel. Regardless of the type of website, it is essential to carry out an audit.

Current visibility audit

The visibility audit is the evaluation of a website. Thanks to it, the webmaster can improve the elements of the website.

Technical & editorial optimisation

The semantic optimisation of a website can improve your web features through technical and editorial optimisation.

Precise positioning of keywords

Structured content that provides added value allows for a good editorial strategy.

Website Development

Custom WordPress Solutions

A company should turn to a WordPress theme when it cares about its visibility, the success of its business and the maintenance of its website. For its operator, a custom WordPress theme offers a website fully customized to its requirements.

Management & monitoring of your SEO campaigns

In the world of the web, the SEO campaign is the best strategy to stand out. It positions your site in the top results of Google.

Visibility measurement

To know your site’s ranking and to be successful in your marketing, you need the visibility index.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of the number of visitors in relation to the total number of visitors.